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3 Photography Tips That Can Help Increase Your Social Media Engagement Strategy

In the days before technology, photography was a distant art — and of course, social media was a distant thought.

Photographers captured timeless moments with a heavy piece of equipment that required absolute precision – cue necessary camera stands.

Now, this seems like a cruel joke, but can you imagine trying to operate this type of equipment to show your friends what you’re doing?

Now, fast forward 100+ years, it’s 2020, and according to Bank My Cell, 45% of the entire world owns a smartphone. That means, 45% of the entire world consistently carries around a camera in the palm of their hand and can access more than 10 social media platforms to engage with friends, family members, strangers, and everyone in between.

With all of this being said 45% of the world has access to the equipment that used to be specialized to only photographers. That means almost half of the people in the world carry around the tools to make them a photographer and then instantly upload them to show their friends, family, and strangers what they’re doing through their social media channels. But, being a photographer is more than just taking a few pictures here and there — people want more.

With that, here are 3 photography tips you can follow that will help increase your social media engagement strategy.

1. Capture Meaningful Photos

When we say “meaningful photos” we mean, think about the reason you’re taking the photo. Verses those random, blurry, WTF photos you see after you hand your cellphone to a toddler.

Of course, the first step to creating meaningful photos is to not use the photos your toddler has taken but to strategically plan your photos.

  • Why do you want to share this photo with the social media world?
  • Does it make you feel a certain way?
  • Does it match your personal values?

All of these are good questions to start asking before you start sharing them on your social media platforms.

The point of a social media engagement strategy is to get people to engage with your content. Prompting curiosity, aw, and other emotions with your audience through your photos is a great way to do that.

After you have taken photos that are meaningful and connect with the overall message you want to share you’re ready to move on to editing.

2. Edit Each Photo To Be Better Than It Originally Was

Now that almost everyone has access to a camera, people want to see breathtaking, spectacular, beautiful, meaningful photos.

You can do that in a number of ways, and having meaningful photos isn’t enough.

We’re talking about the brightness, colors, clarity, texture, and other features that really bring your photos to life because “pictures just don’t do it justice,” but now that we have the technology it should.

On your smartphone, you can download a photo editing app or simply go into your camera settings and click the “edit button.” There you will see exposure, highlights, shadows, contrast, saturation, and other settings you can edit to change the way your photos look and bring more engagement to your photos.

Just be careful before you make too many edits. You want your photos to look natural and bright. In fact, according to Agora Plus, brighter photos get 592% more engagement than dark photos.

So, before you send your photos into the social media world, ask yourself can I edit this photo to look brighter and better to connect with my business/brand?

3. Hire a Professional Photographer To Help

So, you’ve tried taking meaningful photos and you’ve tried editing them to be seen as “high-quality images” and it’s just not doing the trick.

Or, maybe you’re killing it in the meaningful/editing photos realm but you want more. More engagement, more visibility, simply more from your social media engagement strategy.

Don’t worry. Your social media strategy is not a lost cause — hire a professional photographer.

Professional photographers understand how to create meaningful and high-quality images. They understand how to take a photo vs. how to take a picture. They will ask you a series of questions, bring out equipment that can show your audience your brand is trustworthy and high-quality.

Regardless of how you’re implementing photography into your social media engagement strategy, stray away from aimlessly sharing stock photos that don’t mean much to you, your business, or your target audience members.

Do you need help starting to create meaningful high-quality photos for your social media platforms and website?

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