Marketing4 Digital Marketing Tips to Get Your Business Ready for the Holidays

4 Digital Marketing Tips to Get Your Business Ready for the Holidays

Fall is here—and we all know what THAT means! Christmas decorations are already out at stores even before Halloween has happened. And while you may roll your eyes at early marketing for an event 3 months away, it’s actually a good thing to start thinking about Christmas now. If you are a product or service business, you should be preparing for the holidays as early as September-October when it comes to your online marketing strategy.

So why is this? Mountain Air Marketing will walk you through the reasons.

1.Mindful Repetition with Digital Ads

It takes a while for someone to be interested in your ad. On average, the overall opinion in marketing is that it takes about 3-7 times for someone to see your product or service before they decide it’s worth checking out. It’s the rule of repetition—but not too much repetition. Some studies have theorized that there is a threshold of ad exposure where if it’s below that threshold (which is around 3-7) someone will not really notice your company, a saturation point where you have shown yourself too many times, and a nice spot in between. Marketing experts can help your business find that sweet spot, because it’s important to juggle ad fatigue with smart marketing.

This is why starting to expose customers slowly and gradually is a much better approach than throwing 50 ads out all at once during Christmas. You want to be able to hit that sweet spot of starting to build repetition (but not too much) when it comes to the digital landscape of marketing.

2.Growth Through Authentic Connection

Notice that the last concept is about balance with digital ads—which needs to be approached in a thought-out way or consumers can ignore you altogether (ad exposure too low) or get annoyed and tune you out (ad exposure too high). This is where starting to be proactive year-round with a social media strategy can be extremely helpful—especially in the few months leading up to Christmas. As this wonderful article from Forbes points out, loyal customers will spend nearly 10 times more than a new customer. If you can continue to build a relationship with your potential buyers before the holidays, then you are less likely to be ignored or to frustrate busy, exhausted customers during the holidays.

How do you do this? If you are providing fun, thoughtful, engaging social media, that can be an extremely useful marketing tool, because it doesn’t feel like marketing to your audience. So start thinking now your holiday social media strategy and about how you’d like to promote your company online during the holidays to create meaningful connections. That way when you do create Christmas promotions, you will be able to do so to an already interested audience.

3.Longterm SEO Strategy is a MUST

If you want to rely heavily on SEO for your website’s rankings, you will need to start on best SEO practices now instead of waiting until the last minute. It takes at least 3-4 months for SEO to see movement in your rankings, because algorithms like to see a bit of history when it comes to your brand, products, and expertise. So if you are relying heavily on search engines to make your site visible to buyers, you need to start talking about your products, services, and holiday promotions a few months in advance–as well as making sure search engine ads are in place a few months in advance, too.

This usually requires some good knowledge on SEO and how to best utilize SEO practices to help rank your site and products to stand out from the billions and billions of pages of content that the web holds. No easy task, but it’s extremely vital!

4.Easy Website Navigation and Purchasing for Mobile

We can’t stress this enough! Make sure your website is responsive and easy to navigate through for those surfing on their phone. As more and more people use their mobile devices to browse the internet, if your site is outdated and clunky, it will deter visitors from buying your products or services. If they have to take the time to sit down at a desktop or laptop, chances are they may forget all about it and move on to something that is easier to get while they stand in a grocery store line or browse their phones waiting to pick up kids from school or during a meeting (we’ve all been there!).

Because more than half of internet users are doing so from a mobile phone, it’s crucial that you set your business up for success. Your responsive, mobile-friendly website will do wonders during the holiday rush.

If you don’t have time to figure this all out, call in the digital marketing professionals! Mountain Air Marketing is here to help you with your holiday digital marketing. Call us today with any and all questions and concerns!

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