Marketing5 Holiday SEO Tips: Get Started To Stand Out Against Others This Holiday Season

5 Holiday SEO Tips: Get Started To Stand Out Against Others This Holiday Season

We haven’t even reached the Fall Equinox yet, and we’re trying to talk about preparing for the holiday season…

We know what you’re thinking.seo

We’ve totally and completely lost our minds, but hear us out.

As a local Colorado Springs SEO company, we have to explain the utmost importance in adding SEO to your holiday marketing strategy this year — not to mention after the way this year has gone, no one knows what’s in store for this holiday season. Is it even happening?

Well, if it is still happening, it’s better to be prepared for it. it could mean saving your business this year. In fact, studies show, the holiday season makes up for 20% annual revenue each year, and some businesses’ holiday seasons generate almost 30% of their annual revenue, which is huge.

Here are 5 holiday SEO tips you can start following right now to help you stand out against others.

Start Your Holiday Preparation Sooner Rather Than Later

SEO is already a marathon — not a sprint.

It takes a while to start seeing ranking results. In fact, Forbes understands businesses to start seeing SEO results within 4-6 months. This is why it’s crucial to start your SEO in advance.

If you’re not ready to be in the holiday planning mentality just yet just know that starting SEO sooner rather than later is always better and be sure to supplement your SEO tactics with promotional efforts at least 45 days in advance.

For example, if you’re running a holiday special post a save-the-date social media post on your social media pages and in your email. This will get people excited about what’s coming up and start their searching efforts. You’ll also be targeting your ideal customers before your competitors.

Set Up Designated & Specific Holiday Season Pages On Your Website

Sometimes people don’t really know what their loved ones want for the holidays. So to increase your website’s SEO efforts and your customer’s user experience, it is crucial to build special landing pages to help your customers brainstorm the perfect holiday gift that doesn’t break the bank — “Best gifts for children, The Best Discounts This Holiday Season, 3 of the Top Deals For Working From Home, etc.”

Once you build the specific holiday landing page or an area that your holiday products can live on specifically such as a holiday category page that houses all your holiday products within your website, you will be able to implement SEO efforts by tagging the page title and meta descriptions to help people find your website during their holiday searches.

Once your pages are set up and labeled with page titles and meta descriptions you can begin adding in internal links that help people get more information within your website and increase your rankings even more with various search engines.

Introduce New Products

Let’s be honest, as consumers, we love when companies introduce new products.

Especially during the holiday season. Not only are there great discounts this time of year but traditionally this time of year there are discounts on new items — that’s basically unheard of any other time of the year. So take advantage of this. Introduce new products in your brick and mortar and your online store and then tell your consumers about it.

Do you follow the predictions for the best selling products this year? If you do, take that information and start writing product descriptions and content to start promoting. This could be a blog, a landing page, etc. to help to get your consumers excited about the new products just around the corner, which will ultimately advance your rankings and the rest of your SEO holiday efforts.

Optimize For Speed and Mobile

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, a fast website that is great to use on your mobile device is crucial to your website’s success.

In fact, studies show mobile website usage accounts for almost half of the entire world’s website traffic. Yes, half of the entire world interacts with websites from their mobile device. Also, studies show that 47% of web users expect websites to load in two seconds, and will abandon the entire website if it takes any longer than two seconds.

To make sure your website is optimized for speed and mobile devices simply visit your website from your mobile phone. If the content, images, and other information on your website don’t respond to fit your screen appropriately your website is not optimized for mobile devices.

Also, if your website is taking a long time to load it’s possible your images, multiple pages, and other factors are attributing to slow site speed.

How to Optimize For Mobile Devices

Realistically, the best way to combat unresponsive web design from desktop to mobile devices is to hire a web designer. Beautiful web design is a whole other task next to SEO, but site speed and responsive design supplement successful SEO efforts. Web designers understand the importance of responsive design, so instead of spending time working on trying to optimize your website for mobile devices, bring in a professional. At Mountain Air Marketing we optimize all of our web designs for mobile devices and work to keep them operating at faster speeds.

How to Optimize My Websites Site Speed

Even if your website is optimized for mobile devices it could be better if the loading times are longer than two seconds. There are several websites you can use to analyze the speed of your website including:

These are just to name a few. These sites will give you recommendations on how to make your website faster, but sometimes the suggestions can be technical.

For more help on optimizing your website’s SEO strategies for mobile platforms and faster speeds contact us — we’d be happy to help you with this for the upcoming holiday season.

Promote on Social Media

Being active on various social media platforms can make or break the success of your digital holiday promotions.

For example, Pinterest. Pinterest is basically a platform consumers use to showcase their favorite products, what they want their dream house to look like, they save their favorite outfits, and more. Not only are people using Pinterest to create their ultimate dream wish list, but there are also opportunities for you to add keywords to advance SEO efforts and help your products be found.

Facebook is another great way to utilize social media platforms to help optimize your businesses’ holiday strategy. Share your upcoming holiday landing page (the specific one you created we mentioned above) to your Facebook page, and pin it to the top of your page. Every time someone visits your Facebook page, they have the opportunity to interact with your website.

All in all, sharing your new holiday content on social media will help supplement your SEO holiday strategies

These Are Just A Few SEO Strategies

Yeah, there are many other SEO opportunities that you can start implementing in preparation for the holiday season.

However, if you’re ready to get ahead of your competitors this holiday season, start with these SEO strategies, but to make the most out of all the SEO strategies start working with one of our SEO account managers.

We love working with businesses to get in front of more customers faster.

Happy holiday prepping!

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