Marketing5 Tips to Tighten Up Your Social Media Strategy for the Upcoming Holiday Season

5 Tips to Tighten Up Your Social Media Strategy for the Upcoming Holiday Season

Have you given thought to your business’s holiday strategy? Maybe you’ve given it thought, but haven’t quite had the opportunity to act on it? The holiday season is the time of year when consumers are looking for the best deals and we want to help set your business up for holiday success with our 5 social media strategy tips.

  1. Know Your Audience

The users who follow you on social media are doing so for a reason. Whether you’ve acquired followers through publishing thought-provoking content, referrals, or targeted advertising, your brand has caught their eye.

Each social media platform has their own analytics to provide you with clear insight as to the age range, gender, and location of your social community. In addition to social analytics, you can pull demographic data if Google Analytics is installed on your website, which we hope it is! Google Analytics is a great tool to understand who your website audience is and how they are navigating through your website.

By dialing in on your audience’s core demographic, your business can develop a content strategy that meets the needs of your demographic. Consider how your core demographic speaks, what their interests are, what social platforms they partake in. By analyzing these details your content strategy can be tailored to exactly what they’re looking for.

Have a wide-ranging audience? That’s okay too! It just means your business appeals to all genders and age groups. Understand your buyer personas and write content just for them. Develop content neutral and with slang/verbiage everyone can connect with. In the end, always remember to not boast about your business too much. Don’t be that self-centered friend that only talks about themselves. Integrate your consumers wants and needs into your strategy.

  1. Come Up with a Promotion

If your business can run promotions, this is the time of year to do it. Black Friday and Cyber Monday feature some of the best deals of the year and many consumers wait to start their holiday shopping during this timeframe.

What kind of promotion should your business run? Types of promotions vary, depending on what your business provides. If you sell products online, consider discounting products sitewide or perhaps offering BOGO or free shipping deals. You can run a special discount starting Black Friday and then hit consumers with the best possible offer on Cyber Monday. Local businesses who do not sell product online, may offer a winter special or a giveaway to their local audience. Giveaways are a great way to up the buzz on your brand during the holiday season.

  1. Plan Your Strategy in Advance

If you haven’t started planning your holiday strategy, now is the time to start! Not only do you need to decide what your holiday strategy is going to entail, but you’ll likely need media assets to accommodate it. Between video and product photos, you should incorporate a holiday theme matched to your core demographic and catch their eye.

You can also see what your competitors have done in recent years with their holiday strategy. Don’t fall behind and force users to look elsewhere because you aren’t aware of what the market is doing during the holiday season or didn’t have a well thought of strategy to engage your community.

  1. Have a Script Ready for Frequently Asked Questions

In the last few years, social media marketing has moved into the direction of a more customer focused approach, meaning consumers are more apt to contact a business through social media vs. calling a 1-800 number or contacting a business through their website. This customer centric approach requires brands to respond quickly and efficiently through different social media platforms. Ensure you have at least one employee managing your direct messages on social media and that they provide quick and accurate responses back to consumers.

  1. Reach More People Through Advertising

With thousands of factors impacting social media algorithms, the chance that your content getting lost in the noise is pretty high. Advertising on social media allows you to increase your reach, engagement, clicks to the website, and even conversions for your business. Get familiar with the advertising platform of your choice and choose an objective to meet your holiday season goals. If your brand is well established, be sure to incorporate a remarketing advertising strategy into the mix to engage with past customers.

We hope these 5 tips help get your holiday social media strategy off to a great start and exceed your goals and expectations throughout the holiday season.

Happy Holidays from Mountain Air Marketing!

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