Branding And Design

Branding Assets by Mountain Air Marketing 

Branding is your chance to tell your unique story and share it with others while also sharing the accomplishments and excitement. As a small business, we know it’s important to take your own path forward.  We develop Branding Assets – logos, branding collateral, branding manuals – to incorporate into your marketing materials (keep reading, we’ll break it down). Our team will creatively develop the look and feel of your small business to differentiate you from competitors and craft a personality for your brand so you can foster wholesome relationships with your customers.

The Branding Assets package includes the following; all tailored to your specific needs as a small business owner:

Logo Design

Our graphic designer will take on the logo creation or redesign for your small business. We'll walk with you in the path of visual development, then base our design on your vision. Whether you're a new business or a seasoned one, breathing fresh mountain air on a logo design can do wonders for your marketing efforts!

Branding Collateral

Branding collateral includes strategically creating business cards, trifolds, stickers, gift cards, postcards, vouchers, resumés, email signatures, and so on - all based on your business's branding elements. Branding Collateral includes a lot of the small details mentioned above, but will serve a HUGE impact in brand recall and loyalty from your customers, your employees, and others in your industry.

Branding Manuals

Wondering what must be included in the appearance of your company’s marketing materials? We have answers. By developing Branding Manuals, our MAM experts will combine fonts, color schemes and graphics to build and maintain your brand identity, as well as craft slogans, taglines, messages, strategies, and more.

Branding Assets include a lot of small details that make a HUGE difference in marketing strategies as a small business. If you’re feeling lost in the forest or need a guide among the ever changing landscape of marketing, the women adventurers of Mountain Air Marketing are here to join you on your journey.