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Success Stories from Real Clients

At Mountain Air Marketing, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results for our clients. Our case study page highlights various success stories, showcasing how our tailored marketing strategies have helped businesses achieve their goals. From increasing online visibility and driving website traffic to boosting sales and enhancing brand engagement, we have a proven track record of success. Read about how we have helped past clients overcome challenges and reach new heights in their industries. Explore our case studies to see the transformative impact of our expert marketing solutions.

Google Ads Case Studies:

paid ads

Client A: Sells bedding products that solve common sleep problems.

Their goal: Maintain a 2-3x ROAS, while scaling their business online.

How we helped: Our team has implemented a multi-platform campaign across YouTube, Google Shopping, Google Search, and Display ads to generate an average of 700 purchases per month. Through creative adjustments, advanced keyword bidding, and seasonal campaigns, our team has grown Client A’s total conversions by 35%, and increased conversion value by 165% when compared to the 2023 Q1 period.

Client B: Local appliance repair company.

Their goal: Increase appointment bookings through phone calls in the home appliance industry.

How we helped: Through strategic location and keyword targeting, personalized ad rotations, competitor research, and in-depth conversion tracking, Client B received 121 qualified phone call leads in Q1, leading to a fully booked schedule.

Client C: A local business that serves the home improvement industry.

Their goal: Rank above competitors, generate leads through form fills on their website, and increase phone calls. 

How we helped: Utilizing the data gathered in previous campaigns, our team optimized their new ads to create a more personalized experience for each user with ads that are highly relevant to their search query. Through keyword data analysis, decisive location targeting, competitor research, and ad copy uniquely suited to the user, Client C saw an 85% increase in phone calls and a 134% increase in form fills in the past 30 days (April 2024) compared to the previous period.

Client D: A local home service business in a highly competitive, seasonal industry.

Their goal: Outrank competitor’s ad placements, obtain jobs over $5,000, and increase phone call leads.

How we helped: After careful local analysis, our team strategized a unique advertising approach that has resulted in 41 qualified leads in an 8-week period. Client D is now fully booked out for the next two months ahead and hired additional staff members to manage the influx of leads.

Social Media Ads Case Studies:

social media ads case studies

Client A: A local guided bike tour company in Colorado Springs 

How we helped: Since partnering with our team, they have seen remarkable growth from 2022 to 2024. By optimizing their target audience and creating compelling ad content, we significantly increased their online presence and conversions. Our data-driven adjustments led to website views increasing by over 950%, reach by over 650%, checkouts by over 1000%, and a nearly 90% reduction in cost per action. Our strategic approach effectively transformed their online metrics, driving substantial growth for the company.

Social Media Management Case Studies:

Client A: A historical landmark and renowned travel spot in Colorado.

How we helped: In a single year (2022 to 2023), we increased Client A’s Facebook Page Impressions by 291.53%, Page Views by 805.48%, Engagements by 196.73%, and Page Likes by 62.15%. On Instagram, our efforts increased their Reach by 50.73%, Comments by 182.15%, and Follows by 182.60%. Consistent posting of engaging content, like professional imagery, captivating Reels, and unique giveaways have made our social media strategies wildly successful for Client A.

Client B: A local guided bike tour company in Colorado Springs.

How we helped: In one year (2022 to 2023), we increased Client B’s Facebook Engagements by 300.91%, Impressions by 140.24%, and Website Clicks by 65.08%. On Instagram, we grew their Followers by 322.12%, Impressions by 307.70%, Comments by 32.65%, and Engagements by 12.69%. We optimize their content based on engagement and followers growth to continue creating the best social media presence for Client B.

Client C: A custom builder in home improvement.

How we helped: As a highly visual brand, our Instagram strategy boosted many key metrics for Client C. We grew their Impressions by 154.47%, Followers by 105.59%, and Engagements by 93.96%.

SEO Case Studies:

SEO Case Study

Client A: A historical landmark and renowned travel spot in Colorado.

Their goal: Enhance their online presence.

How we helped: Since partnering with MAM in 2020 and over the course of four years, their Google rankings surged by an impressive 873%, starting from a base of 9 rankings. Moreover, their Google Business Page experienced a notable increase, drawing in 25% more visitors locally compared to the outset.

Client B: A med spa in Colorado Springs.

How we helped: They’ve witnessed remarkable growth under MAM’s guidance. In just three years, their backlink portfolio flourished from 3 to 97 high-quality backlinks. Furthermore, their presence on Google soared, with an increase from 10 to 546 organic keyword rankings within the top 100 results, a testament to ongoing progress.

Client C: A custom glass company.

How we helped: In a span of two years, they saw significant improvements in their online performance. Organic traffic surged by 30%, while average session duration increased by 22%. Through strategic content initiatives, they achieved a remarkable feat, elevating a single keyword by 65 positions in just 2 months through meticulous landing page optimization and content enhancement.

Client D: A trusted turf installation company.

How we helped: They have experienced substantial growth across various metrics since partnering with MAM. Their Business Page interactions surged by 72%, accompanied by a notable 228% increase in website clicks. Notably, their Organic bounce rate, once as high as 64.75% in 2019, now maintains a steady average of 33.80% in organic search, reflecting enhanced user engagement and retention efforts. They are now in position to expand their business to a neighboring state.

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