MarketingConquer the Digital World With a Cost-Effective Boutique Digital Marketing Agency

Conquer the Digital World With a Cost-Effective Boutique Digital Marketing Agency

You may have heard the term boutique before when it comes to boutique clothing stores—but according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, boutique refers to any company that has highly specialized services catered to a specific clientele. The term is buzzing within a variety of industries, especially in the marketing industry.

Mountain Air Marketing (MAM) itself falls into the niche of a boutique digital marketing agency, which means that we offer a unique and highly specialized experience for our clients when it comes to digital marketing. As AdWeek reported last year, more and more companies are starting to ditch traditional, bigger ad agencies in favor of smaller, more independent agencies that are focusing on digital instead of traditional media. While this article highlights global trends, it’s still something to note—because this is all playing out in our backyard in Colorado, too.

So why the global and local trends? Every company will have different needs when it comes to marketing, but here are some of the reasons a boutique digital marketing agency like MAM might be beneficial to you.

We are affordable and cost-effective.

Boutique marketing agencies are usually smaller, which means that we aren’t operating with a lot of overhead costs. In fact, Mountain Air Marketing doesn’t even have an office because we are looking to pass on as much savings to the customer as we can. Our staff is small and we are constantly looking for ways to cut costs because we don’t think it’s beneficial to anyone to have excessive spending. While we do value our services and offer competitive rates, all those extra overhead costs just don’t exist for us. And because of this, digital marketing is probably more affordable than you think!

We are personalized and flexible with niche solutions.

Because we are a boutique marketing agency with minimal overhead costs, we are extremely personalized and flexible. This means our staff can come to your place of business, get on the phone, or text you according to your preference. We personalize the marketing experience you have in every way. We literally come to you, and we will make it work! We’re willing and ready to try out a variety of things to help out your business, and we do not have cookie cutter solutions. Instead of trying to get through clunky corporate red tape with teams that are too big to effectively communicate with, we are around when you need us.

We know the fast-paced digital world.

Marketing has changed massively since the digital transformation began, and a lot of larger marketing agencies have struggled to keep up. One of the reasons for this is because the digital space is constantly changing. New innovations happen on a daily basis, it seems! Marketing companies have to constantly be on their toes to keep up, and because of the red tape of larger corporate environments with huge teams and old-school philosophies, keeping up with the fast-paced digital world can be extremely hard.

But the digital world is becoming more and more important. For example, according to the IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report, Google and Facebook continue to lead the charge in the digital ad agency with a whopping $90 billion in revenue. Still, most larger marketing agencies still struggle to realize how important these digital spaces are compared to traditional avenues like newspapers, radio, TV, etc.

While there’s a lot more to be said, we hope you can see the importance of this topic. If you have any questions about digital marketing, boutique marketing agencies, and how Mountain Air Marketing can be a service to you, please contact us today!


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