AwardsCarly Benewith and Rachel Gomez: Female Entrepreneurs who Built a Thriving Marketing Agency​

Carly Benewith and Rachel Gomez: Female Entrepreneurs who Built a Thriving Marketing Agency​

A strong partnership is critical to the success of a business. With shared responsibility, diversified decision-making, and access to a larger pool of resources, a partnership can achieve more significant growth and profitability. It is essential to find the right partners and to establish clear communication and mutual trust to ensure the success of the business.

Rachel Gomez and Carly Benewith have formed a remarkable alliance as the proprietors of Mountain Air Marketing (MAM), a thriving marketing agency in Colorado Springs that is both owned and operated by women. This boutique agency has been experiencing rapid growth and has become a shining example of successful female entrepreneurship.

Rachel and Carly divide most of the responsibilities in their company between them. Rachel focuses more on the operational aspects of the business, while Carly works closely with their team members. As business owners, they both understand the challenges of juggling multiple roles, but they work together seamlessly to ensure that everything gets done. Collaboration and teamwork are crucial to their success, and they strive to foster these values every day. Whether it’s brainstorming ideas, managing busy schedules, or completing projects together, they believe that working as a team can achieve amazing results. Their team members would probably agree that their favorite part of the day is enjoying a fresh cup of coffee and working with a group of supportive and empowering women.

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