MarketingHow Businesses Can Adapt During COVID

How Businesses Can Adapt During COVID

During times of unknown, but also times where there are restrictions of in-person customer behaviors, it has become more crucial than ever for businesses to easily be able to adapt. Navigating through these strange times can be hard and you may not know where to turn, or where to start with making sure your business is equipped to keep up. With an increase of consumers online more every day (thanks to working from home), your business not only needs to be found, but needs to give your customers (and those searching for your services) the information they are looking for, QUICKLY. Strengthening your online presence will help your business be at the forefront, especially when many other companies are trying to do what they can to stand out, just like you.

Here are some important adaptations to consider for your business and to help strengthen your online presence.

Make sure you have a website

This is the biggest adaptation of them all. If you don’t already have a website, you are already a little behind the curve, but you still have time to catch up! Your website is your way to be in your customers’ eyes and for them to know all about YOU. What services you provide, where you’re located, when you’re open. And it is also a great place to consistently update any changes you are making to keep up with any COVID guidelines.

Add a Shopping Platform to Your Site If You Sell Products

Do you sell products in your store? NOW is the time to start selling online! When COVID guidelines restrict whether your location has to be open or closed, how many people are allowed inside at one time, or with people being cautious with going places, it is important that all your customers are able to still purchase from you. Don’t lose out on consumer buying, get your products added to your site. (This may seem like a difficult or daunting task but we can help you with this!)

Create a Google My Business page

Google My Business is a crucial tool for business, even outside of COVID. It is one of the more widely used free profile tools for businesses to be found in your Local Search results. This is where you can update your correct hours, phone number, address and where your customers can leave you reviews. Create your profile and update all the information, they even have an area where you can add online appointment options and post your “COVID update”.

Start Advertising Through Facebook or Google Ads/Increase Ad Spend

There has been an obvious shift towards digital advertising during COVID. More people are online, and on Social Media, and even more people are seeing an increase of Ads when scrolling through their feeds. While Google Ads can be a little pricey since you are bidding on keyword phrases, it is a great tool to utilize when trying to get your service/product found quickly in search results. Facebook Ads are a much cheaper route for Advertising options, and you can reach thousands of people’s Social profiles by targeting interests. Putting spend toward an Advertising Campaign can be an instant gratification source of bringing in revenue. 

Adding/Adjusting Services to Fit Within Your Business and Work Around Any Customer Restrictions

We have seen things we haven’t seen before! Restaurants offering to-go alcohol, distilleries producing hand sanitizer, shopping online for clothes, offering curbside pick-up, and virtual appointments galore. These were all new services renovated by business owners to figure out how they can still keep their doors open, but offer a swing on the services they provided before. Think outside the box, consider new ways to deliver your product or service to your customers!

Clear communication with your customers and being creative is going to be your business’ most important tool when adapting to COVID and changes, and many of the points above will help you keep your communication top-notch. 2020 has been a huge year of adjustment for many companies, and it is more than likely going to carry through the majority of 2021.

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