MAM GirlsInternational Women’s Day: What Being a Woman at MAM is All About
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International Women’s Day: What Being a Woman at MAM is All About

It’s no coincidence that you will find our team at Mountain Air Marketing is entirely made up of women. Our boutique marketing agency launched in 2017 by co-owners, Rachel and Carly, and has always been an all-female team with the goal of providing reliable, trustworthy digital marketing to the Colorado Springs area. 

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’re sharing from the seven women in our marketing agency about what it is like to be on the team, what the work culture is like, and the personal and professional impacts from working with women.

Rachel, Co-Owner & Badass Web Designer

Q: What does MAM’s all-female team mean to you?

A: MAM’s all-female team makes us stand out in a crowd. 

We’re proud to be empowered women coming together with the same mission: making strides and inspiring other females to do the same! It’s truly empowering, showing that anything is possible when like minded women join forces for good.

At our company, we are proud to have an all-female team that gives back and encourages women of any age or stage in life. We want our team to be empowered as professionals and thrive in their careers while also feeling supported as mothers who need flexibility for juggling a work/life balance. With this unique culture within a small business environment, everyone can make the most out of themselves – creating meaningful connections with each team member along the way. 

Carly, Co-Owner & SEO Genius

Q: Describe the culture of MAM’s team of women and how it reflects in the work we do.

A: The culture of MAM is truly one of a kind. 

Our all-female team consists of the most empowering and lovely ladies who support one another and are always uplifting. Together, we work on the clients, sharing projects, ideas, work and so much more. We are in constant collaboration, which really gives our clients an upper hand because each of the MAM ladies have their own strengths that complement the rest. We take time learning from each other and growing together as a team. 

We enjoy being together and spending not only our work days, but some of our weekends together, and we even miss each other when it’s been a while since we’ve seen one another! As the saying goes – there is no I in team, and that shows with our group. The fact that we’ve been able to hold on to such great relationships within the workplace, really helps us give our clients above and beyond work. 

Our culture really is a dream. It’s a true GIRL POWER effort.

Katie - Killer Social Media Director & Graphic Designer

Q: How does being part of an all-female team impact you professionally and personally?

A: Being part of an all-female team is a dream come true in every way. While some may question the true dynamic of an all-female team behind the scenes, I can promise you… we actually all love one another and the unique strengths we each bring to the table. 

Professionally, I am motivated by the daily passion we all share to always strive to be better and do more for ourselves and our clients. Personally, I am comforted by the vulnerability our team has built and the open environment we’ve established; to be your true self without judgment. 

These women are much more than bosses or coworkers, they are true friends, incredible mentors, and without a doubt the most supportive gals in my life. I believe we are better business women because we know and care for each other as people, first and foremost.

Kate - SEO Blackbelt

Q: What are some ways you feel supported by the women of MAM? 

A: Feeling supported by the Women of Mountain Air Marketing is something I’ve felt since day one.

I feel support from the women at MAM in their efforts to nurture a space for vulnerability that bonds us as true friends. I feel support when my voice is heard and encouraged by all. It’s felt when our differences are viewed as strengths towards the bigger picture of our team’s success. It’s the way they always have my back and show genuine care for my personal well-being. I feel so grateful to have such a genuine group of women surround me daily! I believe we are successful in supporting our clients because of the support that stems from within. 

Women supporting women…there’s not a more empowering feeling than that!

Leslie - Social Storyteller

Q: What has working with an all-female team taught you?

A: Unending dedication. This team of women at Mountain Air Marketing has taught me to work with passion and motivation in the work we do for our clients! 

I am inspired constantly by each team member in their own level of effort and knowledge they bring to the table, day after day. Being part of an all-female team allows for a certain level of self confidence and trust. Our two bosses are always on our side, cheering us on and pushing us to reach new accomplishments. Having this support has taught me there really is no limit to what we can do as a team and bring our clients’ success to new heights. 

I have learned that creativity and the ability to share ideas is the secret to a powerful team. These ladies have quickly become family to me and push me to be my best self!

Leah - Wizard of Advertising

Q: What is your favorite aspect of being part of a woman-owned and -operated team?

A: My favorite part of an all female team is experiencing the powerful bond and sisterhood between us women! 

When we support, love, and raise each other up, we all get further in life. It’s so important for women to care and show respect for other women, which is the essence of this team and Mountain Air Marketing as a whole! Our creativity, care, and compassion shines through our work as an all female team and I am so grateful to know each and every one of my teammates!

Ena - Marketing Rockstar

Q: Explain what you’ve learned about working with an all-female team and how it supports your professional and/or personal goals?

A: Working with an all-female team has been nothing short of incredible. This team has shown me that you can love the work you do and the people you do it with. Our team is SO supportive of one another; we are truly each other’s biggest fans! The love we have for one another has allowed me to soar both personally and professionally. 

Professionally, I feel empowered knowing that I have a team behind me that learns, grows, and cheers for one another. Personally, I feel grateful to be surrounded by women who sincerely care for one another’s overall wellbeing and success. We motivate each other to be a better version of ourselves each day. We aren’t just co-workers, we’re friends and that’s what makes MAM so strong. 

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