AwardsMAM Turns 5 Years Old!
mountain air marketing turns 5

MAM Turns 5 Years Old!

In July 2022, our women owned and operated digital agency celebrated our 5th anniversary! It is our goal to provide creative and innovative online marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries in the Colorado Springs area and beyond. Our powerful team of women works with one of Colorado’s biggest tourist destinations as well as with other women owned and operated small businesses in our community over the past five years. It is our goal to help countless other businesses achieve online marketing goals and navigate the vast digital landscape of search engines, social media platforms, and more.

We are a professional marketing team of seven women and headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Each of us specialize in specific digital marketing areas, from SEO to website design and social media management to paid ads, all to collaborate with businesses in reaching their full potential online. Our marketing team holds a deep understanding of this ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, and we are passionate about helping our clients stay ahead of the curve. We pride ourselves on being a full service digital marketing firm in Colorado Springs. We are proud to be a women owned business and are committed to delivering the very best experience for clients looking to level up their business through marketing.

To say it simply, Mountain Air Marketing has evolved rapidly in these past five years. Our work culture has grown into a space of support, encouragement, and teamwork among us seven women. Each of us contribute with our own niche of talents that combine perfectly with one another, forming a powerhouse of talent, wit, and knowledge! 

Our clients are our biggest motivators as we have watched many small businesses in the Colorado Springs area not only thrive in the online world, but benefit from increased sales, newsletter sign ups, and other tangible measures. For example, one of our clients has storefronts in Colorado and Arizona. His business continues to draw thousands of website visits from our social media efforts alone, particularly paid advertising, on a consistent monthly basis. 

Another client of ours opened a whopping THREE locations in the span of a year and grew a huge online community! We feel honored and excited to be part of spreading brand awareness for her flower shop in the digital realm, including her custom business website, SEO, social media management, paid social ads, and monthly email newsletters. 

We see each business as an individual. We recognize that each individual (a.k.a. Small business) has their own unique needs and desires as they draw closer to their goals. The uniqueness of a business is something we heavily focus on when employing our digital services. Also known as differentiation, the uniqueness of a business allows us to tell their story better. As much as we love working with business in a variety of industries, we would not be Mountain Air Marketing if it were not for the fellow local business owners we collaborate with every day.

The passion of each woman of Mountain Air Marketing combined with the dedication of each of our clients make our jobs a way of life. There is nothing better than seeing a small business not only succeed, but thrive, including our very own boutique marketing agency in Colorado Springs! If your business needs some guidance through the digital landscape, let the women of Mountain Air Marketing lead you down the path that is uniquely right for you. Here’s to another five years (and many more) of success, growth, and fun!

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