MAM GirlsMeet The Mountain Air Marketing Team – Carly Benewith
carly benewith

Meet The Mountain Air Marketing Team – Carly Benewith

Name: Carly Benewith

What you do at MAM:carly

SEO, Social Media, Co-Owner

Three words that describe you:

Motivated. Honest. Fun

What was your very first job?

My FIRST ever job was working at a Smoothie shop, and I got the job the day I was legally allowed to work at 15 and a half!

What’s your favorite thing to do when not working?

Spend time with my family, cook, and work out.

When did you know you were going to go into SEO?
When I got my first “big girl job” out of college, I had gone into doing SEO as kind of a back-up job and something I would do until I found something “better.” After doing it for two years, it became something I actually liked to do. It taught me there is more than one way to look at something. Also, when you see amazing results and the SEO helping business get MORE business because of the work you put in, it turns into a pretty rewarding thing.

Who inspires you the most in your career?
Rachel [the other co-owner of MAM] does. Since I have known her she has been the hardest working business person I have ever met. She has taught me so many things as not only a business person, but just a person in general. She is kind and patient and always professional. She’s always encouraging people to be amazing and helps people when they need it. She is educated and has an eye for amazing things. She’s my morning dose of coffee when I don’t have it, because she always puts me in a great mood the moment I see her!

What is one of the challenges about running/being part of a small business? Building trust with people, potential customers, and current clients. There are some small businesses that put a bad taste in people’s mouths and can ruin the reputation for other businesses in that industry. But as long as you are honest and work hard to prove yourself, you can be known as one of the best!

What is one encouraging thing you want to tell other small businesses?

All businesses start out small or go through some bumps. It’s important to keep pushing through and making sure YOU as the business owner get out there and spread the word about your company. People aren’t going to know about you until you are out there working your booty off!

What do you think small businesses should know about SEO?

SEO is not black magic; it’s something that can be shared with people, and it CAN, in turn, help you become a much larger company if you put the money and patience into it. Also, when you choose SEO work that is much cheaper than the average price for companies, you can potentially hurt yourself because you are trying to save a few extra bucks. Do your research on companies and ask for data that can back up their knowledge and expertise!

SEO can be an incredible asset to your business. The world is only becoming more and more digital. Make sure you are staying up with the latest communication trends because YOU NEED THEM to succeed.

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