ClientsMountain Air Marketing’s Fun & Unique Client Projects

Mountain Air Marketing’s Fun & Unique Client Projects

Mountain Air Marketing’s Fun & Unique Client Projects

We love our clients at Mountain Air Marketing, and people are always asking about what some of our favorite projects have been. So we thought it would be great to highlight a few of the jobs we’ve done for our clients through a series of blog posts that showcase some of Mountain Air Marketing’s work!

While we love all of our clients, some of them stick out in our minds as being especially fun and unique—which is always something to enjoy, because we believe work should have an element of fun to it. Fun and unique projects are ones that don’t come very often because the companies are really rare in their scope of business, and we’ve truly cherished these opportunities work for companies that you just don’t see every day!

So here are just a few fun companies Mountain Air Marketing has gotten to work with…

Cole’s Gourmet Treats & Popcorn

Friendly owners are always the best, and Tom and Cindy Cole are just the friendliest, warmest people. And their gourmet popcorn and candy shop is something that you don’t just come across every day! Their shop is really great—full of nostalgic candies, sodas, and over 60 flavors of gourmet popcorn.

We bet you can imagine why Cole’s Popcorn is so fun! Our team at MAM loves taste testing their delicious products. As we’ve developed a relationship with them, we’ve taken high quality pictures for them, built a website, managed SEO, and written content for them. We’ve loved their mouth-watering products, and we are hooked!

It’s been fun to be creative and do photo shoots every holiday with their seasonal food, and they are constantly wowing us with their selection of amazing treats. If you haven’t been over there, check it out! We’re honored to get to have fun really messaging and growing their business online in a creative, yummy way.

Elevation Hydration

Have you ever heard of IV hydration? Neither had we until we partnered with Elevation Hydration, but it’s a really cool concept.  Elevation Hydration is the only hydration therapy clinic serving Colorado Springs, and they offer a number of energy and immune boosting hydration IVs packed full of nutrients. There are a ton of health benefits to getting vitamins through an IV instead of orally ingesting them, and we’ve been learning a lot in the process of working with Elevation Hydration—which has been a really neat experience!

As we worked with Elevation Hydration, MAM has gotten to partner with them to help grow their online presence through managing their social media. We’ve also done behind-the-scenes SEO work so that their excellent services are positioned appropriately for online search platforms. We’ve been able to write great content for them that informs customers on what they’re offering and why health and the vitamins we put into our bodies are so important.

These are just a few of the amazing, awesome companies Mountain Air Marketing gets to work with. (There are many, many more!) As always, if you are interested in partnering with us, don’t hesitate to contact us. We love helping unique businesses grow and find the audience they deserve through our online marketing services.

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