MarketingPinterest 2020 Growth, Trends and How Businesses Can Take Advantage of the Upcoming Holiday Season
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Pinterest 2020 Growth, Trends and How Businesses Can Take Advantage of the Upcoming Holiday Season

If there is any social media platform that has benefited from the 2020 COVID-19 crisis, it is Pinterest. Since Q3 of 2019, Pinterest growth has surged to over 100 million new monthly active users (MAU). In just Q3 alone, Pinterest added an additional 26 million more monthly active users, bringing the platform their highest number of MAU ever to 442 million. With growth like this the platform is hoping to help consumers make their holiday shopping experience easier with more eCommerce features and new tools now available to businesses.

Pinterest has been a widely known, yet underutilized platform since its launch March 2010. Primarily used by women up until recent years, Pinterest is a discovery platform for anything from women’s fashion, travel inspiration, delicious recipes, DIY projects, and so much more.

Consumers have come to terms with stay-at-home orders, quarantine, and not getting out to their favorites stores and are turning to online sources to starting their holiday planning earlier than ever. This year, users on Pinterest have started searching for holiday gift ideas as early as April, five months earlier than previous years!

So, what are some of the search trends Pinterest has seen this year in consumer goods and holiday shopping and how can your business capitalize on this underutilized platform? Let’s keep reading!

Top Pinterest Search Trends in 2020

Each year, Pinterest comes out with a search trends report to showcase what users are searching for on the platform. With this list, it can help businesses create content and ad campaigns centered around some of the platform’s more popular searches, should it relate to the business. Let’s cover a few that stood out to us:

  • Gender neutral haircut (+625%)
  • Gender neutral names (+301%)
  • Thrift store crafts (+2,276%)
  • Low-waste living (+446%)
  • Protest posters (+5,961%)
  • Art therapy activities (+444%)
  • Indian living rooms (+2,080%)
  • Nature travel +(254%)
  • Outdoor bars (+2,795%)
  • Scrunchies (+6,309%)

As you can see, these 2020 trends are centered around social issues, at home crafts, décor, and dining, economical travel, and surprisingly 90’s fashion. See if you can think of creative ways to incorporate your business services or products into some of these high-volume search trends. Always be sure to use the keywords in your Pin and utilize hashtags to expand reach and engagement.

For the full list of Pinterest trends, click here.

Top Holiday Trends on Pinterest

In a recent report from Pinterest, they narrowed down a variety of categories to discover what holiday search terms were already trending early. Start with these as you make your holiday media plans:


  • 5x increase in ‘Christmas baking’. With concern brewing over grocery stores being out of stock of many items again, users are preparing early for their holiday cooking.

Financial Services

  • 4x increase in ‘Christmas décor ideas’ and 74% increase in ‘Christmas outfits’. Pinterest users are craving the comfort of the holidays and are looking for ways to stay economical while going all out with their holiday decorations. Offer up discounts ahead of big shopping events or highlight different credit card offers and rewards for shopping online.


  • 4x increase in ‘holiday party outfits’. If you are like the ladies at MAM, you’ve likely been in your comfy clothes for far too long. This year, consumers are looking forward to getting dressed up for any special event, holiday season included. If you are in the fashion or accessory industry, be sure to capitalize on your best-selling holiday attire.


  • 4x increase in ‘Christmas party food’. As we saw with ‘Christmas baking’ users are looking to get their holiday menus squared away. If your restaurant business offers catering and/or delivery services, be sure to highlight this.


  • 3x increase in ‘Christmas gift ideas’. Help users recreate the window-shopping experience online. Pinterest is essentially that anyways, just online!


  • 72% increase in ‘family Christmas pictures’. If your business sells camera equipment or new phones with high-quality camera resolutions, you can use these to help consumers capture the perfect family moment.


  • 83% increase in ‘Christmas wishlist’. Purchasing a vehicle during the holiday season is a popular choice for many consumers. From showcasing new cars to offering travel ideas for holiday road trips, your auto business could benefit.


  • Over 50% increase in ‘Christmas makeup’. Whether you sell makeup or are a skincare business looking to improve complexions for the holiday season, there are endless opportunities for highlighting skincare and beauty on Pinterest.

For the full spread on holiday trends on Pinterest, click here.

Pinterest is an incredible discovery resource for millions of consumers each month. When thinking of your holiday Pinterest strategy, keep in mind the types of holiday shoppers out there. From the early bird buyer, self-gifter, rookie host, next-level party planner, and traditionalist holiday shoppers come in many different shapes, sizes, and budgets. We all know 2020 has been hard and this holiday season people are looking forward to just looking forward. Help make 2020 more special during the holiday season with a dedicated Pinterest strategy showcasing what your business has to offer.

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