MAM GirlsReflecting on MAM’s Milestones of 2022
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Reflecting on MAM’s Milestones of 2022

As we approach yet another end-of-the-year, we can’t believe how fast 2022 flew by. In just this year, Mountain Air Marketing reached the mountaintops like we never imagined! From gaining two extremely motivated and skilled team members to gaining our first-ever global enterprise client, our accomplishments have far exceeded even our own expectations in 2022!

“If you don’t know where you’ve come from, you don’t know where you’re going,” Maya Angelou said. We see the beginning of each year as the time reflection, motivating us to share our accomplishments of 2022 so we can better plan 2023 and beyond:

MAM Celebrated 5 Years

The anniversary of Mountain Air Marketing is celebrated by our team every July. In 2022, we hit the 5th year of our boutique marketing agency!

Here are a few quick stats of year 5 at Mountain Air Marketing:

  • 1st enterprise client sign on
  • 2 new awards as best marketing agency
  • 2 new employees
  • 22 websites designed
  • 27 new clients
  • +300 blogs written
  • +1380 quality leads generated from paid ads for clients
  • +2,000 social media posts published
  • +74,000 landing page views from paid ads for clients

What started as two badass moms who sought to transform their work-life balance has flourished into a powerhouse of seven incredible women today. Mountain Air Marketing’s work culture consists of a powerful team of professionals who combine their skills in digital marketing while not having to sacrifice precious hours and days as their families grow. We offer full digital marketing services in Colorado Springs, surrounding towns, and across the nation. Owners Rachel and Carly first recognized the need in 2017 for honest and affordable digital marketing services in Colorado Springs. From there, Mountain Air Marketing was born.

The transformations of our past five years have molded Mountain Air Marketing into an incredible marketing team who can truly do it all, from web design to SEO and content creation to paid ads. Each woman of MAM tends to work outside her role quite often to help one another out. When employees work together, sometimes crossing over to other work areas, the business flourishes. This is exactly what we have seen at Mountain Air Marketing in 2022.

Our list is packed with these digital marketing services:

MAM Grows by Two

About halfway through 2022, it became time to really level up our Paid Advertising service. We happily welcomed Leah and Ena in the following months to bolster this side of the company. These two work meticulously every day to ensure each penny of a client’s ad spend is being put to good use. Through constant analyzing, precise adjustments, and creative strategies, we have seen nothing but tremendous results from these women. In fact, a few clients asked to pause their ads because they couldn’t keep up with the amount of leads they got!

In just a few months time, both women became certified through various educational workshops to know more about advertising on social media. Leah accomplished the Meta Certified Media Buying Professional course, which means she is certified in optimizing, reporting on, and harnessing the tools needed to activate ad campaigns with Meta. Ena completed the Meta Certified Creative Strategy Professional and the Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate workshops. Together, these two can tackle any Paid Ad campaign through their knowledge, experience, and motivation.

Small businesses in Colorado Springs are typically our clientele, but in 2022 we took on the biggest client we’ve had so far on our books. This global enterprise company is a pioneer in the bedding industry that has pushed and inspired our small yet powerful team of women. We continue to learn the ropes of working with exponentially higher marketing dollars for paid ads as well as the intricacies of larger scale strategies in the areas of SEO, social media, and website design and development.

Not only that, but we launched social media profiles, a new website, new ad campaigns, and other strategies during the holiday season, which is an infamous time for promoting products, especially as a new or small business. The holiday season is typically known among marketers as a time of pure chaos as the digital landscape gets aggressively saturated with deals and marketing dollars. But even during this extremely competitive time, we saw remarkable ROAS (returns on ad spend), impressive conversion rates, and adoring feedback from the client themselves. As we grow the digital presence of this client in 2023, we are incredibly proud of our work so far and cannot wait to see what this year brings for all involved.

2023 Predictions on Marketing Trends

Some of our biggest tasks each year entail research, research, and more research. We aim to stay updated with digital marketing trends such as search engine and social media algorithms, consumer behavior, and content creation trends. While some of these areas seem to update on a day to day basis, we know our clients depend on us to do the research and implement the best strategies for their brand.

Here is an overview of what we expect to see in marketing strategies for 2023:

1. SEO + Social Media Join Force

To put it simply, there is a lot to unpack here. What is quickly becoming recognized as Social SEO is a trend that consists of social media users utilizing these networking platforms in the same manner they use search engines like Google. According to Search Engine Journal, Facebook averages over 2 billion searches a day. Rather than switching apps on their smartphones or changing tabs on their desktops, users are digging through the content on social media platforms like Facebook to find informational content. Read more about Social SEO in our recent blog.

2. Images, Infographics and Visuals are Taking Over

With how fast we scroll through feeds and websites, it is no doubt that visuals are a must for your company website, social media, and SEO fundamentals. Many assume search engine optimization strategies are focused on the text content of your website, images and other rich media are just as important. We can analyze any image-related SEO issues on your website today. In 2023, users are looking for an experience on any channel they visit regarding your business. Images, infographics, and enticing visuals can give your website visitors an experience they will love.

3. Clean & Helpful Content will Save You from Recent Google Updates

If you play a part in any aspect of your company’s website, you have probably heard the buzz about all these Google Core updates. It is time to catch up and not only make search engines like Google happier, but inspire your customers and prospective consumers, too. Basically, Google’s Helpful Content Update is designed to reward websites that contain high-quality content written by people for people. This does not mean you have to trash your keyword list but, bear in mind, that while you implement keyword strategies, make sure your content is appealing to real people, too.

4. The Rise of Google Analytics 4

Those who track website analytics like web traffic, bounce rates, top visited pages, and more are most likely using Google Analytics. Come July 2023, this universal analytics platform will set with the sun. So before this process starts, be sure you switch your business website to Google Analytics 4 before July 1st, which is when Universal Analytics will halt all data processing. The benefits of Google Analytics 4 include the following:

  • Improved customer journey tracking.
  • Improved user engagement analysis.
  • More powerful audiences for your ad campaigns.
  • More intelligent user privacy and tracking features.
  • Simplified goals and events setup.
  • Enhanced visualizations and reporting.

Across the board, marketing trends will always be changing. We expect 2023 to be a big year for consumer behavior, marketing strategies to connect with audiences, and helpful content.

The fifth year of Mountain Air Marketing has been the epitome of “things happen for a reason.” This is why we reflect on our work, our actions, and our accomplishments every year; in order to always be forward thinking year after year. If 2023 is your year to dial in strategies, become more efficient in your marketing efforts, and really bolster your online presence, let the ladies of Mountain Air Marketing be your guides in all things digital marketing. Let’s chat!

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