Name: Rosa Miranda


What you do at MAM: Social Media/SEO Account Manager


Three words that describe you: Creative. Driven. Dog-lover


What was your very first job: My first job was at my school’s newspaper. I was a beat reporter, which meant I had to go out to the field and interview people. I quickly fell in love with the job. I was constantly attending events I never knew were part of my school, I got meet new and interesting people and my passion for writing grew even bigger.


What’s your favorite thing to do when not working? I love spending time hiking with my pups. Ever since moving to Colorado, nature has been a great way to spend my weekends. I also enjoy reading & cooking.


When did you know you were going into digital marketing? During my last semester of college I joined a public relations ad agency. We were a student ran agency working with real businesses. For the longest time I thought I wanted to work in the journalism & public relations field, but after getting to experience working at an ad agency I knew my path was set. I’m passionate about digital marketing, because it’s an industry that will definitely keep you on your toes. Constantly evolving, growing & changing. It’s exciting to see what digital marketing can do for big & small businesses, and being part of it is something I truly enjoy!


Who inspires you the most in your career? My dad & husband have been my biggest inspiration. Leading by example, showing me how to be the very best at everything you do. By always working hard, constantly learning & being dedicated. Never giving up and always making sure to love what to do.


What do you think small businesses should know about digital marketing? Digital marketing has changed the game in the last few years. Now-a-days, it’s almost impossible to operate/grow a successful business without digital marketing. By have a strong social media presence, SEO & a well-built website, your business is heading the right direction to create loyal customers and grow your brand.