MarketingSmall vs Large Marketing Agency

Small vs Large Marketing Agency

Why Choose a Small Marketing Agency Over a Larger Marketing Agency?

As we engage with potential clients, one of the questions we often receive at Mountain Air Marketing is, “Why choose a small marketing agency oversmall vs large marketing agency a larger marketing agency?” Business owners want to know the difference between a small verses large agency and what they will receive depending on the agency. As a small marketing agency, we have a lot of things to say about this. So MAM would love to share with you our thoughts on why a small marketing agency could better fit your needs.

Better Customer Service & Stronger Relationships

With bigger agencies, there are a lot of people, departments, and red tape to sort through to get anything done effectively. The people who work there will be handling a lot of projects, many of which probably take priority over your small business because—let’s face it—money is everything. The customer just becomes a number.

With a smaller agency like Mountain Air Marketing, you will get fast, reliable customer service with a smaller team that is dedicated to helping you solve your problems because we have personally invested in whatever your business is. When we choose to partner with you as a smaller marketing agency, we’re confident that you are the right fit for our team—because we’ve said yes to coming alongside you. And that truly means something to us.

Knowledge of Your Business

Good marketing all comes from really knowing a company, their owners and employees, who they are, and what they stand for. With a smaller marketing agency, we can take the time to sit down with you, ask questions, dive deeply, and truly know you so that we can value your business’s dreams and goals and get things accomplished.

You will know most of your team and the creative you’ll be working with, and it makes the experience much more personable for both sides. While at a larger marketing agency, you may never meet the people who are running your marketing campaigns, developing your ads, or writing your SEO content—which makes the whole process pretty impersonal and not catered to who you are as a business.

Instead of caring simply about the bottom line, we care about you because we really do want to help your business grow.

Flexibility, Turnaround, and Budget

Because of the bureaucracy and larger overhead expenses, bigger agencies will automatically have to charge you more for services than smaller ones because they must make up for their company’s expenses. That leaves you with the bill of the overheads—handling a lot of “creative fees” that may leave you wondering. With smaller agencies, we are much more flexible and are able to serve you within your budget and still provide stellar services.

With a smaller team, we often have much more flexibility to get things done right the first way, and we can often have a better turnaround than what you’d find at a larger agency—where there are a lot office hoops and red tape around creatives getting their job done. We have no red tape, and our team works fast and efficiently as soon as they have the needed items from you to get going on a project.

Supporting Local Small Agencies vs. Corporate

Supporting small businesses has really become a movement nowadays, and with good reason. When a company isn’t locally sourced or is a huge corporation, they can easily loose touch with what average small business owners and people are dealing with—what you’re up against, what keeps you up at night, the kinds of concerns and limitations you might have.

Not so with a small business agency—because we get it. We’re in the exact same shoes as you are, and we want to support our local economy and small business owners. The big guys may want your money, but they might not really care about your passions and why you’re really doing what you’re doing embracing your local community.

Instead of caring simply about the bottom line, we care about you because we really do want to help your business grow. Period.

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