Social MediaSocial Media Management – Why Does Your Business Need It?
Social Media Management Colorado Springs

Social Media Management – Why Does Your Business Need It?

Social Media Posting Colorado SpringsImagine not ever having to think about having to post to your social media platforms on a daily basis. Good news, this dream is attainable. Instead of posting at random times and always searching for trending content to post, Mountain Air Marketing can create a strategic plan to help your business get the most out of your social presence.

Social media management touches on a number of important elements, all of which form a well-structured strategy. Simply put, social media management is the process of managing a complete social media strategy. But our social media management service is much more strategic. It involves more than just replying to tweets and comments. Our primary focus for each social media strategy includes: building brand awareness, creating content that engages your target audience and drives website or storefront traffic to generate leads and sales.


What is most important: 

1. Be Consistent.

Social media is fast-paced by nature, which means content can quickly become obsolete. This is why posting on a regular basis is so essential yet so hard. If you go weeks or months between posts, it’s unlikely that your audience is seeing your content frequently enough for it to be memorable or make an impact. Consistency in responding to comments and inquiries that come through your social channels is also extremely important. 79% of customers expect a response to their social media posts within 24 hours.

2. Quality Over Quantity.

Social media algorithms are constantly evolving. Currently, what you post matters more than how often you post. This is not to say that you can go weeks without posting, but posting content every day or multiple times a day is no longer necessary. Two to four carefully curated posts per week will keep your audience engaged. It’s better to have one post with high engagement than five posts with little engagement. Not only does this mean you are doing a better job of serving your audience, but you will be favored by algorithms.

3. Identifying YOUR Audience

A social media target audience is the specific group of people you want to reach through your social channels. They are the people who are most likely to be interested in your content, products, or services. They are likely united by common characteristics, like demographics and behaviors. We identify these individuals by reviewing your customer database and utilizing Facebook Audience Insights.

4. The Right Platform.

In order for your social media strategy to be effective, you need to choose the right social media platform for your business. Choosing a social media platform for your company has a lot to do with personality.

Who is your target audience and which platforms do they use most? What story are you trying to tell about your business, and your product or service? What kinds of content are trending in your industry? We keep these questions in mind when identifying which platform will bring you the most value.

5. Diving Into Data

We don’t just guess on how well you are performing. We look at data and analyze every piece of it.

On a monthly basis we will review what type of content is receiving the highest engagement and identify why we believe it is performing so well. Is it because of content that features a promotion, giveaway, client testimonial, etc.? We look at the all of the data (good and bad) and adjust our strategies accordingly.

As you can tell, there is not a one size fits all formula to social media management. It takes into consideration many factors and a vast understanding of each businesses’ goals to form a successful strategy. But by doing so, the return on investment is worth every penny. On average, a user spends 2 hours and 25 minutes on social media every day. In that time, how many sales could your business generate? Don’t pass up a single minute of opportunity. Contact us today.

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