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Supporting Moms and Careers at Mountain Air Marketing

At Mountain Air Marketing, we know that becoming a mom changes everything. And while being a mother is incredibly beautiful, it does come with its own set of challenges for women.

Some of us have personally experienced the way motherhood and how it can be such a rewarding journey—but we also understand how it’s so hard to navigate life and work, children, and career. It can become tricky fast, especially if companies won’t work with you to ensure that you can have flexibility in the workplace that having children so often requires.

That’s why MAM has a growing culture of hiring moms who wish to work part time or on a project basis AND have a flexible schedule. This allows mamas to have their own time, take pride in something outside of their home, bring in a paycheck, (no matter the amount) and get their personal identity back all while still being able to be Mom.

MAM is dedicated to building community support for mothers who wish to work. We get how hard motherhood can be. It’s such a joy, but it’s also a truly hard journey—and oftentimes, mothers feel like they lose their identity once they become a stay at home parent of newborns and small children, where getting outside of the house is less than easy. This can lead to a sense of isolation and loneliness. This may cause a sense of isolation and possibly postpartum depression.

So MAM recognizes the need to support moms and give them the opportunity to shine as professionals when they want. We are a women-owned and women-operated business, and we want to support women in all stages of life. We always look to hire mothers for contract work—whether it be part time, or a few projects every now and then. What’s so great about the services we offer is that our team can effectively work from anywhere. This is perfect for mommas who want to work in the AM or after the kids are asleep.

While children are such a great gift, we also know that many women want to express themselves outside of the home as well and feel like they can still have a meaningful career outside of raising their beautiful children. Because it’s not either/or it’s AND.  Why can’t women be both a momma AND a professional?

Companies like MAM are changing the tide and helping mothers realize they can be both INCREDIBLE mothers and have professional careers.  It’s up to us to help change the tide so that moms can feel just as empowered both as a parent and a professional when they take those life-changing steps toward becoming a parent. Kids do change everything, and they are such an amazing gift! So why not support women in vital ways as they navigate raising kids while also having meaningful professional work that they can do from anywhere?

This is Mountain Air Marketing’s goal for hiring moms and creating a supportive, vibrant culture for women.  We are always looking for those exceptional mommas who have exceptional talent.

As always, we’re just an email or phone call away. Please ask us any questions you may have when it comes to digital marketing!

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