SEOWhy Having A Google My Business Page Is Critical To the Success Of Your Business

Why Having A Google My Business Page Is Critical To the Success Of Your Business

Who runs the world — Google.

And who can dictate the success of your business? If you guessed Google again you guessed right.

In particular, your Google My Business (GMB) page helps dictate the success of yours (and any other) local businesses.

Let’s break this down to fully understand the importance of GMB and your business.

Google’s Evolution

It feels as if Google has been integrated into our society since the beginning of time, but Google has only been around since 1998.

Although many things have changed since the early days of Google, Google’s mission has always been to make it easier for people to find the information they’re looking for.

Google continuously upgrades their algorithms to give searchers a better experience, one of those ways was by creating no click searches, and when it came to local businesses, GMB was developed.

Google’s No Click Searches 

In June 2019, Google added no click searches, which means people are able to get the information they’re looking for without having to go to a website.

For example, if you look up what time the sunsets, a snippet will pop up showing you exactly what time the sunsets in your area.

It is important to know and understand what no-click searches are because a study currently shows that no-click searches make up for over 50% of Google search results, so half of the searches that happen on Google never result in searchers leaving Google.

Here are a few other examples of no-click search results.

So you can see, almost anything you search for can come up as a no-click search result.

This is Google’s way of giving searchers a better experience while also not having to send searchers to websites other than Google.

It is important to note that these search results are from a desktop and not a mobile screen. However, according to official Google statements, “more than 50% of global searches happen on a mobile device,” which changes the experience searchers have.

Google prioritizes ads, and no-click searches as their top results and then proceeds to lists organic webpages. Sometimes even below the initial no-search results, there’s even more no-click search results that give searchers the information without having to leave Google.

So, even if you’re adding keywords and doing everything Google asks for, if you don’t have a GMB page, might be missing a huge audience.

Here are some of the same examples above but in a mobile version:

It’s important to point out that in the last two examples in both the desktop and mobile versions, the results are a list of local businesses that pertain to the search query.

So, the only way to rank in these no-click search results, if you’re a local business, is to have a Google My Business page, which is why it is important to understand no-click search results and how they are affecting not only other websites but your local business.

Google My Business Pages

So, to recap, we understand Google’s mission is to make finding information easier.

With that being said, Google implemented a way to find local businesses easier before no-click searches were ever conceived.

In the early Google days, when it came to local businesses, Google created Google Local, which was a way for Google to share local business’s name, phone number, directions, and more all within the Google search area.

Since then, Google Local has evolved into an entire platform to share local businesses with searchers. Now, it took Google a while to come up with the perfect local platform. Before GMB there was Google+, Google Wave, and a few other applications Google tried to launch in between GMB, but ultimately Google wanted to create a place where searchers could connect and find more information. Also, with the implementation of alternative applications, Google realized they can only keep searchers on their search platform for so long before they have to send them to a local business, so they transformed their social platforms into a place where people can find information about all local businesses. Not only does GMB benefit searchers and businesses, but it also give businesses somewhat of a partnership with Google.

It’s important to understand Google’s alternate platforms because Google finally created an application searchers want to interact while connecting it to local businesses, so they’re investing a lot of money into successfully maintaining their GMB division.

Why a Google My Business Page is Super Important For Your Local Business

Now, remember, Google is the largest search engine in the world. That means more people are visiting Google than your website, so if you can’t beat Google — join them.

Overall, this means a Google My Business page can be a game-changer for your business.

It is important to explain Google’s robustness in detail to give you an idea of just how important interacting with Google is.

Although Google does not share the exact amount of searches that happen in a day, several studies have found that “228 million searches happen in one hour, 5.6 billion searches happen in one day, and 2 trillion searches happen in a year.

As we said, Google is the largest search engine in the world.

With that, studies show that of all Google searches (the 2 trillion searches that happen on Google every year):

  • Almost 50% of all Google searches are looking for local results (HubSpot)
  • 72% of people searching local businesses visited another store that’s 5 miles from their search (HubSpot)
  • Of all the local searches made, 28% of those make a purchase (Joel House Search Media)
  • 86% of local business searchers look up a business’ location on Google Map (Junto)

So now that we have determined just exactly how important this platform is, it’s important to understand the features that local businesses can take advantage of when they create and optimize their google my business page.

GMB Features

Google My Business pages have recently updated their features to allow searchers and business owners to ask and answer questions all in one spot. Some of the features you can do on your GMB page includes:

  • Public posts — similar to any blog
  • Searchers can ask questions
  • Messaging options — similar to a chat application
  • Reservations can be made

All of these things allow people to get more information and quickly without even visiting your website. Other GMB features include:

  • Making calls
  • Getting directions
  • Posting reviews
  • Finding promotions and discounts

And more all within your GMB page. These features not only give people an easier way to interact with your business, but it also shows the authenticity of your business — if people are able to get in contact, read reviews, find the information they’re looking for without having to go on a scavenger hunt they are more likely to visit or purchase from your business.

In fact, studies show that about 91% of consumers between the ages of 18-34 believe online reviews to be the same as a personal recommendation. Also, Yelp completed a study that showed for every increased star a business receives (if your business has a 2-star rating, and moves up to a 3-star) there is a 5-9% increase in revenue.

Okay, so you get it, having a GMB page is important but you need to make sure you’re doing more than just signing up and leaving it there for anyone to stumble upon.

Optimizing your GMB is critical to the success of your business.

Use your GMB Page

Google gives you all of these features to interact with your customers.

They might not be interacting with your website necessarily, but they’re finding your business, reading what previous customers are saying, and interested in what you have to offer.

So make sure you’re responding to reviews, posting photos, giving updates about hours and other promotions, and fully taking advantage of how people are finding your GMB page.

If you want your business to be a viable Google partner, with a successful GMB page, you have to treat it as a live platform and not like a Yellow Page listing.

Get Started — Create your GMB

With all this being said, GMB is not going away anytime soon. In fact, it’s only going to evolve.

Ultimately the main reasons your business needs a GMB page is to connect with an even larger audience, show the authenticity of your business, and increase sales for your business. All and all, your GMB page can truly be a game-changer — you just have to start treating it as so.

Don’t let no-click searches and other local businesses outshine yours, if you aren’t sure how to start in creating, optimizing, and/or interacting with a GMB page don’t worry.

We understand the importance of businesses coinciding with Google — contact us. We’re here to help!

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