Our Team

A  breath of fresh Mountain Air.

When it comes to digital marketing, the online world is often a bewildering wilderness of complicated algorithms, ever-changing rules, poorly developed content, and really unprofessional websites.

That’s why it’s nice to have a few trail guides along the way, helping you and your business figure out exactly what is needed to build and grow a successful brand online, so that your company can stand out and be a breath of fresh mountain air.

Communication is key. We as a team will help translate your vision into a beautiful, welcoming space online for long-term clients and potential costumers.

As a fellow small business, Mountain Air Marketing has worked hard to brand ourselves as a company that you as a business owner can trust with your digital marketing needs. Whether it’s creating a new site, helping run a blog, ensuring your business is optimized for SEO, or building your Facebook page —our belief is that small businesses are the cornerstone of our community and should have high-quality, cost-effective services available just as much as any big corporation.

Carly Benewith

Co-Owner | SEO Genius

Rachel Gomez

Co-Owner | Bad-Ass Web Designer

Katie Rothenbury

Killer Social Media Director & Graphic Designer

Kate Busswitz

SEO Black Belt

Leslie McCright

Social Storyteller

Leah Peters

Wizard of Advertising

Ena Keco

Ad-venturous Advertiser

Rosa Miranda

Conversion Connoisseur

Brooke Reid

Ranking Rockstar

Quinn Conahan

Click Crafting Maestro

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