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Social media. We know that for many of you, just thinking about those two words brings an overwhelming feeling of frustration. There’s always so much to do and never enough time—and then you’re supposed to live a second life online with your company, too? It’s almost like thinking about hiking a 14er—it might be worth it, but it’s so much hard work to get to the top.

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We get it. The digital age has changed everything, and businesses are still trying to play catch up and figure out what that means for their success. But one thing is for certain: You need social media in order to effectively communicate with thousands of potential customers online. Nowadays, 2 out of every 3 American adults have a social media account, and there are over 2 billion social media accounts worldwide. It can’t be avoided. And that means that you must have some sort of strategy in place to help capture that market.

But does social media have to be an overwhelming thing? It doesn’t have to be. Mountain Air Marketing is here to help. We know how hard it can be to figure everything out with so many online social media outlets to choose from, and so we’re dedicated to helping you.

Here are some of the services we can provide your company.

We offer social media advertising: We know all the ins and outs of advertising on social media accounts, and we can help you get the biggest return on investment for money spent via social media advertising. If you want to show up on platforms like Facebook with sponsored ads and grow your audience base with paid promotion, we can make that happen. We are always researching the best methods to advertise successfully.

We manage business social accounts: We can completely take social media off your hands and manage your accounts entirely for you. Imagine not even having to think about it on a daily basis! We can make that happen, which will in turn take just a little bit of stress off your plate. What more could you ask?

We provide consultation to business owners: If you want to manage your own social media, then we can coach and consult you through the process. We can help you figure out which outlet is the best use of your time, how to effectively reach your audience, and how to position your brand online. If you have questions, you can be assured that we have answers—and we will walk you through every step on how to create a solid social media presence online.

So instead of climbing that social media mountain all by yourself, why don’t you let Mountain Air Marketing help you along the way? We have the knowledge and tools to truly help you make it to the top when it comes to growing and reaching a while new online audience.