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Think of the Internet as a mountain wilderness: There is so much unknown territory to cover when there are billions of websites.  It can be daunting to figure out how people wandering through this terrain will actually be able to find you and your company.

That’s where SEO comes in. Search Engine Optimization is the process of helping your website appear more quickly in the search results of search engines like Google. It seems like a pretty simple concept at first: You just make sure your website has good key words appropriate to your business, right?

Colorado Springs SEO Company & ServicesNot quite. The algorithms for search engines are always changing, and it’s very hard to stay on top of the trends and changes for each search engine. Even search engine optimizers—whose job is to know about SEO—often have a hard time knowing, because search engines don’t necessarily tell you what their algorithms are. This makes SEO highly complicated, and it takes a lot of ongoing research and education to stay atop of the ever-changing landscape.

You and your company could try and take time each day, week, and month to figure out everything, but is that time well-spent? For the average business owner with countless To Do lists, probably not. One temptation is to just decide a SEO strategy isn’t that important for a website and to ignore it altogether. Isn’t it okay to just let the search engines do their thing, while not having a real strategy involved? Or why not just focus on content creation and marketing instead?

Here at Mountain Air Marketing, we believe that having an SEO strategy for your online presence is vital, because one of the main ways people will find your business is through “Googling it” online. Google alone has around 61,000 topics searched per second, and billions of searches happen each day. And these stats don’t even touch on other popular search engines. The implications are pretty clear: If you want to be found in this digital age, you have to think through SEO.


We are trained and experienced in SEO: We have experienced marketers and web designers who work with SEO all of the time and have proven track records and award-winning achievements to back up our knowledge.

We are committed to staying on top of changes: We don’t just make your website and move on. We are constantly learning how best to optimize and then applying it to our clients sites.—every day, week, and month.

We will help you with build the best SEO strategy for your company: Every company is different, and we want to make sure that our work reflects exactly what you need within your industry. There are no cookie-cutter SEO solutions, and we make sure that everything we do is tailored specifically to you and your business.

Let Mountain Air Marketing walk you through SEO and help your business come up with an effective strategy to ensure that people can find you when they search the vast wilderness of the Internet. We are a marketing firm that is committed to helping your business navigate the highly important landscape of SEO.