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The Importance of Visual Content

By now, you’ve probably realized that blogs and written content are pretty important if you want to run a successful brand online. But anotherdigital presence component of marketing online is visual storytelling: informative infographics, meaningful pictures, compelling videos, etc. While these visual elements may not seem very important—or at the very most something nice and flashy to add on as a perk—they actually are just as essential as written content.
Mountain Air Marketing is here to give you some stats on why your company needs visual storytelling elements in your online marketing campaigns.

People love visual content:

In our world of social media, compelling visual content stands out more than anything else to the average consumer. Human beings are incredible at remembering pictures because we are so visually wired and it takes much more time to process written information.

In fact, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than anything else. According to Brain Rules by John Medina, if a person hears a piece of information, three days later they’ll remember 10% of it. But add a picture and they’ll remember 65%. Consumers will react to visual stimuli and remember it much more deeply than scanning over text or seeing a headline.

This is why infographics are shared 3 times more than any other kind of content, Facebook posts with a image get more than twice the amount of engagement, and Tweets with a picture are retweeted 150% more than imageless tweets. According to this survey in 2015, 4 times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. In fact, some consumers wouldn’t even take a company seriously unless they had a video to help explain their company or product.

People just understand and connect to visuals more quickly. It’s clear that visual content is on the rise, and that people trust and pay attention to businesses with visual content more than others.

Marketers are turning to visual content more and more:

With this sort of data, it’s easy to see why a large percentage of marketers are using visual assets. Around 74% of marketers are focusing on using visual assets, along with blogging and video, in their campaigns—as this study of 2017 social media marketing trends shows. And 76.5% of professional marketers and business owners who have used video marketing say they can see a direct positive impact on their business.

Even with the trends and research, though, many business owners feel like they’re prepared to enhance their visual content online. They feel inept or powerless about what it means to compel readers visually, and they may not feel they have the design or production expertise to make great visual elements.

That’s why getting a professional online marketer to help you figure it all out can help so much in the long run. And that’s what Mountain Air Marketing is here to do. We can take the trends and make them doable for a small business like yours.

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