ClientsEducational Projects at Mountain Air Marketing

Educational Projects at Mountain Air Marketing

We at Mountain Air Marketing love learning new things—it’s part of the reason we’re running our own marketing business. Getting to interact with new clients and new businesses is a way to expand our own horizons as we learn the ins and outs of partnering with a wide scope of clients and knowing how best to position them in their current industries.

We believe our clients truly are experts in their prospective fields, and learning from them in a variety of capacities is truly an honor. And, of course, it’s an added perk to working for MAM!

So this month on the blog, we thought we’d highlight a few especially educational businesses we’ve gotten to work with where we gained helpful knowledge along the way as we helped them market their expertise.

The Law Office of Kevin Hancock

Kevin Hancock is a great attorney who specializes in estate planning, estate administration, and wills. Before we partnered with Kevin, we really hadn’t thought a lot about how important it is to think through our wills and estates should something happen to our spouses or us. While a somewhat difficult thing to think through, it truly is vital to walk through these questions with a lawyer and have legal planning in place, because the consequences can really impact your family long-term.

Also, did you know there’s such a thing as a “cyber estate”? Neither did we until we learned from Kevin—but digital assets are something to protect as well when thinking through estate planning. We learned a lot about this as we helped Kevin out with SEO best practices in order to build his online presence in a viable, helpful manner.

Peak Home Search

Working with Peak Home Search has been fun because Monica Shea’s Real Estate Team is really committed to letting their homebuyers and customers know about all the awesome things happening in Colorado Springs and the surrounding Pikes Peak Region. Peak Home Search hired us to write regular blogs about Colorado Springs and all the fun places and events in the area. We’ve gotten to research the history behind Colorado Springs, as well as find all the fun, local treasures and events that are going on here. And there’s a lot of cool stuff constantly happening!

It’s been so great to help educate PHS’s following on all of the wonderful things Colorado has to offer. Working with a realty team that truly wants to highlight the region and make sure everyone buying homes here and/or coming here to live is educated about the area is exactly the kind of educational business opportunities we thrive on here at MAM!

Again, these are just a few of the many, many amazing businesses we’ve gotten to work with! If you’re interested in partnering with us, please let us know. We’re always glad to hear from businesses that want to grow their online marketing and spread their knowledge to their customer base in new and deeper ways.

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