Social MediaFeature: Porch | Social Media Strategies for Home Professionals: Tips from the Experts

Feature: Porch | Social Media Strategies for Home Professionals: Tips from the Experts

When you’re running a business in the home services industry, it can be hard to know how best to utilise social media for your marketing efforts. With so much of our lives spent online, now more than ever it is important that home professionals understand how to make the most out of their social media presence.  Porch reached out and asked if we could offer our professional advice and  contribute to their blog  “Social Media Strategies for Home Professionals: Tips from the Experts”.

Katie, Director of Social Media replied with the following advice: 

How can home professionals use social media to reach more potential customers?

We get it, social media is a BEAST! However, it provides many innovative opportunities to pull back the curtain and really showcase the heart of a brand. Recently, user behavior on social media has shifted to become a search engine for inspiration and education. 

Home professionals can capitalize on this by showcasing more before and after transformations, inspirational images and videos, relevant trends, and offering product and service knowledge— all of which are deemed ‘save worthy content.’ By prioritizing trending content types that appease social algorithms like short-form video content and story engagement features like polls or quizzes, home professionals can increase reach to build authentic, relatable connections with new audiences organically. The average human attention span now clocks in at 8.25 seconds, which is why video content has the ability to captivate users’ attention more easily than static posts. In addition, establishing a cohesive social media paid advertising strategy will offer more defined targeting parameters to generate consistent leads. 

Quality over quantity remains most important. Start by asking yourself, “What problem does this solve or value does this give my audience?” when crafting your social strategy. When in doubt, trust a team of experts who will consistently nurture your brand and implement strategies best suited for your overall business goals. 

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